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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Prestige, corporate social responsibility means addressing key business-related social, ethical and environmental impacts in a way that aims to bring value to all our employees and internal/external clients. Continuous improvement lies at the heart of our business, and we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we run our business in a responsible way. We believe it is important our business is supported by a robust approach to CSR, where we see no conflict between our approach to corporate responsibility and good business practice.

Our key areas of responsibility are:

  • Our Suppliers: We work for positive social, ethical and environmental improvements in our supply chain.
  • Our Customers: We work to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations through the delivery of excellence in products and service.
  • Our People: We work to provide an environment where our employees are respected and encouraged, treated fairly and cared for, listened to and are motivated to achieve their true potential based on their skill set.
  • Environment: We work consciously to reduce the impacts of our business on the environment. We also ensure that all factories meets all standards of audits of labor laws where production is being done.
  • Community: We work to deliver value through our charitable donations to charities and community groups as our way of giving back to the community.
  • We strongly believe in practicing good ethics and code of conduct. Hence we give a lot of importance on being socially accountable for child and forced labor laws, harsh treatments, health and safety standards of vendors and factories. We teach our vendors, partners, suppliers the same practices and ensure that they follow good ethical standards as well.
  • Successful global businesses have the power to make a real difference. Economic performance and social responsibility goes hand in hand, when there is a genuine consideration of our impact on the communities and the environment in which we live and work. Prestige Buying House as true global company foster good relations with customers, communities in which we operate, nation and bear the responsibility of the impact our activities have on environment and society.
  • Prestige takes a lot of initiative to create programs which help in generating goodwill and giving back to society, be it through Fair Trade practices or special care for the environment. The team follows a clear set of practices concerning human rights, the reduction of pollution linked to its various activities and solidarity with those in need.
  • We believe in giving back to society through donations and by volunteering time with children to make them knowledgeable; create positive learning environments to help them become better citizens for tomorrow. This helps the children and their families achieve a brighter future. The team has association with NGOs to make this program successful.