Business Systems

Prestige is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct and to the practice of business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Technical Support

At Prestige, we take pride in ourselves on providing first rate reliable support. Our advanced technology, state of the art infrastructure enables our employees to deliver high performance quality output in servicing client requirements and managing supply chain in sourcing products.

Our mission is to provide our business partners and direct clients with the tools, guidance and knowledge they need to get the most out of Prestige in helping their businesses to thrive.

Our team works on high end bundled software which enhances productivity, conducting quality audits and managing client portfolios. All our systems are connected to a central database which keeps backup frequently to avoid data loss. We have specialized software for processes such as Data Management, and Accounting & Finance with all central backup being taken on server. A dedicated IT team provides support to our staff around the clock for all kind of network issues.

Our office has state of the art video conference facility along with skype to enabling communication with global clients and vendors for day to day meetings. This helps us keep an open communication channel with our clients and provide them regular updates on the orders.

All employees have been provided with desktops and laptops based on requirements so that they can provide all support required to clients ,suppliers and vendors.

Another important aspect of technology that we proudly use is after the production is completed in checking the quality of the product. As part of our core values, we test each and every product to comply with the material requirements of the importing country , customer and end user. We use services of the recognized testing labs in the country with the help of our technological team to check the materials based on the various parameters defined by our client and once it clears only then we give an approval for shipping.

Our team of customer care representatives are available to serve you during the week for any issues.